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Campervan Rental User Guide

This section explains the procedure of making a reservation, receiving the van, and returning. You can make reservation since 180 days before your trip. You need to sign the Rental Car agreement at receiving timing of the van.

1.  Reservation

  • We accept a reservation on this website.

  • The reservation is available from 180 days before your trip.

  • Reservation is confirmed by the payment.

  • If you need to cancel a reservation, please contact us by email or telephone. 
    Cancellation fee is required as displayed in section 5 on this page.

  • To make reservation for winter, driver need to have enough experience and knowledge for driving on snow.

2.  About Campervans

  • Smoking is prohibited in all camper vans.

  • Please take off your shoes on carpet area.

  • Dishes, Cooking equipment, sleeping bag, camping chairs, iPad, Pocket-Wifi are available for free of charge. 

3.  Signing the agreement and receiving the van.

  • You need to sign on Rental Car agreement before receiving the van.

  • Receiving car takes around 30 minutes including signing up, drivers license check and van function demonstration.

  • At receiving, I need to check your driver's license and copy it. Please make sure you have drivers license valid in Japan.
    You cannot receive the van if no one in your group has it. And cancellation due to invalid license is not acceptable.
    Before you leave your country, please check following website to make sure your driver's license is valid in Japan.

4.  Return

  • You will receive the car with a tankful of petrol, please refill it before you return.
    If you forget to refill, refilling fee plus petrol cost according to the level of fuel meter.

  • If you do not return at the time, rental time is automatically extended and the cost is charged at returning.

  • Extending is not always available due to other reservations. Please check if you want to extend.

  • If you want to extend 2nd time, fee for 1st time need to be paid before the 2nd extension.

  • The van need to be returned in as good condition as received condition.

5.  Cancellation fee

  • In case of cancellation by your reason, following cancellation fee is applied.

     [Cancellation fee]

        More than 30 days before arrival: 100% refund.

         30 days to 11 days before the reserved date:  30% of the total amount

         10 days to 2 days before the reserved date:  50% of the total amount

         1 day before the reserved date or on the day:  100% of the total amount
     * Credit card transaction fee (3.6%) will be deducted from the refund

6. Deductive and Non-operation fee

  • Those fee are applied only in case of accident.
    All cars in Arigato Campervan Rental is covered with insurance for car accidents, but in case of accident, customers are still responsible for deductive, maximum 50,000 yen for damaging object and another 50,000 yen for causing people injury.
    Also no-operation charge is applied as following.
       In case that the car can run back to the office: Maximum 20,000
       In case that the car need towing: Maximum 50,000

7. Note

  • Since some type of the car has only one stock, In case the van is previously crushed or broken before you arrive, the reserved van cannot be provided. In those rare case, the customer cannot claim compensation. 

  • If customer damages the car, the customer has to pay for fixing before they leave.

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