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Arigato Campervan Rental restores classic campervans in Japan and supplies reasonable road trip in Hokkaido!

You can travel and sleep nicely in beautiful areas such as lakes, viewpoints, camping sites, fireworks sites and flower gardens.

You can have a trip with freedom with campervan mobility and can save cost compare to booking both hotels and rental cars.

Arigato campervan tries to supply reasonable camper van trip for you to experience this best way for travelling.

8 merits on camper van

No hotel cost

If you park the camper van, you are already at the place to stay. You can stay at the closest site to your destinations. Choose best spot and see sunset, count shooting stars under starly sky to sleep. Wait for a sunrise with a cup of coffee. Camper van makes it easy without paying for a hotel room.

Rental car cost is included

Rental car cost and hotel cost are saved if you rent a camper van. If you come to Hokkaido, Camper van is the most reasonable way to go around and stay.

No need for check-in hotels

For traveling around many spots, hotel booking and check-in takes lot of effort and limit your mobility. Camper van enables you to stay where ever you feel like and release from check-in time.

Lots of storage space


Laggage for trip tends to be a lot. Camper van solves it with storage space. There are shelves as room, so you can set your items in position easy to use.

Stay in your favorite view

Mountain, river, ocean. Camper van enables you to stay at any site you like. You carry your room with you. You can see the night view from mountain before you sleep, you can see moon set at the beach and sleep in sound of waves. Stay in fireworks festival. There are uncountable nice ways to use camper vans.

Cook with Hokkaido's fresh ingredients

Camper van also has kitchen, so you can cook the foods you found on the trip immediately. You can catch fish and buy local vegetables at Michi-no-Eki to cook in great nature. You will make a best memory with the quality of local food here.

Kitchen items free rental

Arigato camper van comes with cooking set, tables and chairs.
You can enjoy dinner and drink with all fresh ingredients from local sites. And sleep on big beds in camper van.

Full of Smiles

This is the key for camper van. The freedom and adventure with camper van must be more than you expect. Running around in big field as you feel with your mate. That makes you all smiling all the time.

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